Renovated builing with underfloor heating and cooling system Cover 30 for the largest greenhouse in Italy.

Underfloor heating and cooling with Cover 30 system (installation included) for the headquarters of a company in Boulogne.

The renovation of one of those typical constructions, where Cover HP heating and cooling system is used to spread top comfort and excellent well-being.

In RDZ system for the LowUp project uniform temperature distribution is achieved through special aluminium diffusers.

In the "Vito Fazzi" hospital in Lecce (South Italy) the keywords for heating and cooling systems comfort, health, innovation and high performance.

The utmost indoor comfort is achieved through RDZ system in its most complete expression.

Underfloor heating for new primary school in Villanova di Prata (PN), Italy.

Underfloor heating and cooling system with Cover 30.

Underfloor heating and cooling system with Cover 30.

6-store renovated building with 40 luxury flats in which Cover HP System expands for 3,690 square meters.

Underfloor heating and cooling in 176 flats. Energy class A.

Hot and cold water production (DWH included) in 12 flats.

RDZ Comfort System in a Refurbished House Boasting Energy Class A+



Renovated old farm in Lavarone (TN) as energy class B+.

Underfloor heating system with Acoustic Plus in...

Abitazione, Cividale


Abitazione civile 1.000 mq

Underfloor heating and cooling with Bio system for...



b!klimax+ active quadrotto with rockwool insulation

Underfloor heating system with New Plus and Dry for...



Undefloor heating with Cover 40 system for...

Underfloor heating and cooling solution by RDZ with...



Underfloor heating and cooling with New Plus System in the...

Realzation of an industrial radiant system for a company in Friuli

65,000 m² of comfort for the new LIDL logistics platform.

RDZ Underfloor Heating for Industrial Premises in Codogno

Underfloor heating with Industry System in a warehouse of 8.000 m².

Underfloor heating system with Industrial Shaped Panels.

Underfloor heating with Industrial Shaped Panels in...

Warehouse with underfloor heating Industry System.

Ideal comfort all day long and respect for...

b!klimax radiant panels 600/1200/2200