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Special Solutions



On the island of Giudecca in Venice, next to the Redentore Church designed by Andrea Palladio in 1577, stands a historic building used as a private residence and renovated under the construction supervision of Arch. Giorgio Silvestri.
The Cover 30 underfloor radiant system and the b!klimax wall and ceiling radiant system were used for the 150 m2 surface area on four levels.
In order to guarantee maximum performance in summer and winter operation and the ideal climate inside each individual room, the floor, ceiling and wall radiant system is managed by RDZ electronic regulation and combined with 2 RNW dehumidifiers that control relative humidity in summer.
Therefore, thanks to the RDZ comfort system, wellbeing inside the rooms is extraordinary and consumption is contained because the operating temperatures used are low (on average lower than 45°C) with considerable fuel savings.
The radiant system was also the right choice for the purposes of conservative restoration, as all pipes and conduits run inside the insulating counter walls, in the false ceilings and on the intrados of the roof above the radiant panels, thus almost completely avoiding the need to cut and trace the historic walls.


System used:
b!klimax radiant panels 600/1200/2200

Surface heating and cooling system in floor, ceiling and wall in a renovated house on Giudecca isle in Venice.

Isola della Giudecca