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All Year Round

RDZ radiant systems: the good season in all seasons

In our Comfort System, the radiant technology in floors, ceilings or walls interacts with the high-efficiency heat pumps, the electronic devices to control the room temperature/humidity and the air handling units. In this way, the whole system can perfectly spread embracing warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer, creating a unique sensation of well-being in a clean and healthy environment. As a result, RDZ solutions are tailored to any residential, commercial and industrial project both for new constructions and for modernising old buildings, thus outlining the indoor climate according to the specific needs in every season.

RDZ ventilation units | Plus


The eco-friendly footprint of surface heating and cooling

RDZ radiant systems are green solutions because they are designed according to the regulatory framework dictated by the Energy-Climate Package 20-20-20. This EU plan established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to increase the share of renewable energy in EU’s overall energy mix, and to reduce overall energy use all by 20 percent by 2020.
RDZ radiant solutions for floors, ceilings or walls, bring the thermal energy in every room and provide low temperature heating in winter and high temperature cooling in summer by using renewable energy sources.
RDZ electronic devices control the parameters of the radiant system in a constant and accurate way, thus optimizing the use of energy. RDZ air handling units perform the air exchange, while recovering the thermal energy and controlling the level of room humidity in case of summer cooling.
RDZ heat pumps combined with surface heating and cooling are able to provide renewable thermal energy at low power consumption.

RDZ ventilation units | Plus

Top Professionalism
and Great Expertise

Your reliable partner for long-term cooperation and high efficiency with surface heating and cooling

RDZ has been a quality-oriented company since its very beginning, using the finest materials and developing newer and newer technologies for indoor comfort, while offering partners great enthusiasm, long expertise and top-level solutions.
Customers are at the core of our activities every day. We provide them with complete service in terms of professional consulting for designing and estimates, installation assistance, and after-sales support.
We believe that an open and frank relationship with our partners is the basic condition for any successful project. That is why RDZ counts on a dense sales network of qualified agents and specialized technical staff throughout Italy.
As a result, we can offer rapid support and expertise on RDZ heating and cooling solutions in any place and at any time.

RDZ ventilation units | Plus

and Innovation

A highly specialised centre for cutting-edge solutions with surface heating and cooling

Quality and efficiency in radiant heating and cooling systems come from original ideas and investigation on new performing components. This is the heart of RDZ Research and Development activities, which give birth to cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions for the indoor comfort all the year round.
We have been always using the best material, investigating innovative technologies and carrying out regular control on goods. This allows us to refine our products thus ensuring high standard and excellent performance.