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High-performance, fast, minimally invasive system with low installation costs

In Visnadello, a hamlet in the municipality of Spresiano in the province of Treviso, stands a church that was damaged during the Great War, radically restored and enlarged in 1921 to a design by architect Domenico Rupolo.

For the construction of the systems, the design studio Callegari snc of Giavera del Montello (TV) in collaboration with the installation company Termoidraulica De Santi Antonio of Spresiano (TV) opted for a dry floor heating system, to be installed under the pews of the faithful, as per the instructions of the Superintendency.

The main evaluations that led to the choice of this type were the following: to install the system on top of the existing floor, significantly lowering the building contractor's costs for removing the floor; to have a high-performance, fast system that can be switched on and off as needed, reducing the inertia time of traditional floor systems; to guarantee a high level of comfort for the faithful; and to reduce energy consumption.


System used:
Evo-Dry System

Renovated church with Dry-Tech underfloor heating system in 200 m². Dry-Tech was selected because this solution made it possible to lay the radiant system on the existing floor, thus reducing the building costs. Furthermore, Dry-Tech system ensures high performance and rapid reaction, and it can be switched on and off according to actual needs thanks to its very low thermal inertia human comfort and energy saving.