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Health and well-being by RDZ for a prestigious block of flats in Gallarate


Radiant system with Cover HP underfloor panels, mechanical ventilation and dehumidification with UC 360 MHE unit and Wi.NET control system. Three elements to guarantee the ideal climate, dehumidified and clean air, and high energy savings all year round.

We have always proposed integrated and innovative solutions for the indoor well-being; systems that are capable of satisfying any structural constraint and of dialoguing with the entire building system, reducing energy consumption.

This is the case of a new construction for residential use, consisting of 7 units within a building in Gallarate, in the province of Varese.

The need of the local builder Area B Costruzioni, in agreement with the thermo-technical designer Davide Parolo, was to build a high-quality apartment building with the best winter and summer radiant system.

The choice, therefore, fell on a Cover HP underfloor radiant system in polystyrene enriched with graphite, combined with a high-efficiency UC 360 MHE comfort unit for dehumidification and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The latter, in particular, is able to control the latent load necessary for summer comfort and to avoid condensation on radiant surfaces, as well as to force air exchange without wasting energy, especially in highly insulated buildings without natural ventilation such as the one in question. The interaction of the whole system is managed by Wi.NET regulation. A system that coordinates the different elements to guarantee maximum performance and optimisation of energy consumption, always offering great well-being and indoor healthiness.