UC 360 V1

Air handling unit for room air exchange with high efficiency heat recovery (~90%) and for summer dehumidification. The housing is made of steel plate. Fresh air intake flow‐rate and supply air flow‐rate are handled separately (partial recirculation of air is possible). The fresh air flow‐rate can be set from 100 to 240 m³/h, while the supply air flow rate can be set from 200 to 360 m³/h). Possible operations include fresh air ventilation, air recirculation, freecooling, boost, dehumidification as well as integration of summer and winter sensible capacity. UC 360 V1 is designed for horizontal ceiling installation, and it equipped with a complete cooling circuit (with refrigerant R290), pre‐treatment coil, and plate heat exchanger with ½" modulating valves to be supplied with cooled water (15 °C), EC high efficiency modulating fans, motorized dampers for managing air flow rates in the different functions, and by‐pass for freecooling. Condensate drain kit supplied as standard. The heat discharge takes place in the stale air exhaust ducting, thus reducing energy consumption both in dehumidification and integration modes. The unit can be managed with User Display, with an external device (via digital input), or with RDZ Wi electronic control unit.

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User Manual UC 360 V1 - User Display
Technical Manual UC 360 V1 - User Display
CodeDehum. capacity (26 °C UR 65%)Water Flow Rate (15 °C)Summer IntegrationAir duct connectionsSize wxhxdWeightPackage
7041359 40.2 l/24h360 l/h1400 W160+125 mm903x276x1282 mm55 Kg1 pc

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