Air Handling

In order to guarantee the maximum wellbeing in every room all year round, RDZ offers a range of machines for fresh air ventilation and for controlling the hygrometric conditions during summer.
There are various models available to suit particular needs and applications. The mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery (WHR, CHR and HRXD models) are designed to manage the forced air exchange in residential buildings; the dehumidification units (RNW, DWF and DA models), which are designed for combining with the radiant systems, ensure comfort in the rooms by eliminating the risk of condensation in the summertime; the Comfort Units, which are specifically designed for residential and commercial applications, carry out complete air handling as well as ensure health and comfort during every season (UAP and UC models).
The RDZ air handling solutions comprise:
- Controlled mechanical ventilation systems with
heat recovery
- Air dehumidification units
- Dehumidification units without fan
- Air handling units with dehumidification
- ModulAir air distribution system
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