UC 501-MHE

Horizontal unit for room air renewal with high efficiency heat recovery (~90%) and summer dehumidification. Differentiated fresh air and intake air flow rate with possibility of recirculation, even partial recirculation (fresh air flow rate 160÷300 m³/h settable - intake air flow rate 300÷500 m³/h settable). Functionality of air renewal, recirculation, free-cooling, boost, dehumidification, summer and winter sensible power integration. Management with Remote Control-Type 1 or with RDZ Wi electronic control unit.

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File type Description Language File
CodeCondensed (26 °C UR 55%)Dehum. capacity (35 °C UR 50%)Water Flow Rate (15 °C)Summer IntegrationAir duct connectionsMaximum electrical powerSize wxhxdWeightPackage
7041455 31.2 l/24h74.1 l/24h500 l/h1870 W150 mm1100 W1287x424x961 mm115 Kg1 pc

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