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Casa Lago, Milan


In the heart of Milan, RDZ signs the comfort of an exclusive space for events, conferences and business meetings

At Casa Lago Milano, the concept of living is absolutely revolutionary: the intimacy of accommodation and the domestic spirit are at the service of business, in an exclusive, high-design, high-tech context, just a few steps from the Duomo.

Our Comfort System was chosen to enhance the structure used as a space for events, conferences and coworking activities.

The ideal temperature is ensured by a floor heating and cooling system with low thermal inertia. A solution chosen for its lightness (as this is a renovation, there was no desire to make the floors heavier) and for the high level of comfort it offers (the system's reactivity allows the indoor climate to be adjusted according to variations in thermal loads).
The air is always clean and dehumidified in summer thanks to the installation of two controlled mechanical ventilation and dehumidification units called Unit Comfort.
An advanced electronic control system ensures the desired comfort, high system performance and maximum energy savings.
The heat pump enables the efficient production of energy while respecting the environment

Via S. Tomaso, 6, 20121 Milano, IT