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Renovation of a 1990s house


UC 360 V1 and UC 500 MVHE
Our air handling units star in the renovation of a 1990s house

During the renovation of a Venetian house in the 1990s, we were faced with a new stimulating challenge: integrating our pre-existing and fully functional underfloor radiant system (used for heating) with a cooling and air treatment system.

Renovation is always an excellent opportunity for improvement; it allows for innovation and renovation of several aspects of buildings: structure, safety, functionality, design and comfort.
Indoor thermal comfort is fundamental to people's quality of life. A beautiful, safe and functional environment would still be lacking if it could not be experienced every day in a healthy and ideal temperature.

This is precisely why the client decided, as part of the renovation of this villa, to integrate the underfloor heating system with summer cooling and air treatment.
There are numerous benefits derived from the application of this solution: uniform temperatures all year round, elimination of annoying air jets caused by traditional air conditioning systems, clean air, healthy, silent and clutter-free environments.

After verifying the suitability of the installation, we defined the layout of the entire system and chose to use Comfort Units to combine the dehumidification and air renewal functions and an efficient system of thermoregulation.

On the ground floor, the choice was to install a high-efficiency UC 360 V1 unit mounted in the false ceiling, while a vertical UC 500 MVHE unit was placed inside a cabinet on the first floor of the building.
The air distribution system was realised by connecting the machines to two PLD distribution plenums, from which pipes branch off to take the exhaust air from the rooms and introduce clean air, making the rooms more comfortable.

The system was then completed with a series of additional elements to ensure the perfect functioning of the system, greater comfort and ease of use.

For us, it was a success story because we achieved our most important goal: to guarantee an ideal temperature and healthy air in the home all year round.