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Underfloor heating and cooling system with Cover HP panels and RNW 404 dehumidifiers, split heat pump to supply the system in a sustainable way, innovative CoRe System regulation to ensure comfort while optimising consumption.

When starting renovation work, the main objectives are to improve the energy performance of the house, redistribute the space and modernise the systems.
In the case of this home, at the construction level, various structural weaknesses made it necessary to completely rebuild the walls, walls, floors, roof, and floors. 
Therefore, it was possible to carry out a total replacement of the systems, with no limitations in the choice.

Cover HP: underfloor heating and cooling system with polystyrene and graphite panels
In order to guarantee thermal comfort all year round with reduced consumption and clutter-free spaces, a floor heating and cooling system with the Cover HP system was realised on a total surface area of approximately 200 square meters.

RNW 404 dehumidifiers for optimal humidity control in radiant cooling systems
In summer radiant cooling, it is essential to combine the radiant system with an appropriate dehumidification system that keeps humidity at an ideal level for 2 reasons: ensure comfort and prevents the formation of condensation on cooled surfaces.
In this specific case, two RNW 404 dehumidifiers were installed in the false ceilings of the two floors of the house.

Wall 09 kW, a heat pump to power the system in all seasons, in a sustainable manner
Analysing the characteristics of the system and the client's needs, it was installed a wall heat pump from the split PDC series. It consists of 2 moduls: an outdoor unit and an indoor one to be fixed to the wall, characterised by an elegant and compact design. Powered by the photovoltaic system, it heats and cools the house through the radiant system and produces domestic hot water with high energy savings.

CoRe control system guarantees to the client a tailor-made climate in every room
The client expressly requested a regulation system with a minimalist design that was intelligent and remotely manageable to keep the climate under control and to optimise consumption even from outside the home.
This led to choose CoRe System, our new control system, developed to control every heating, cooling and air treatment system with maximum efficiency.