PDC Wall UI Indoor Unit

The PDC Wall UI indoor units meet any heating/cooling requirements in residential applications and can be optionally equipped with auxiliary resistances, diverting valve for domestic hot water and tablet with web server for handling the heat pump by remote network connection. All components are accessible from the front side of the module, thus making for fast and easy installation and maintenance. All PDC Wall UI indoor units include: • High-efficiency brazed plates heat exchanger • DC circulation pump with high residual head • 6-litre expansion tank • Safety valve • Differential pressure switch for safe water circulation • Easily accessible air vent • Ideal position for refrigerant connections and hydraulic connections • Easily accessible switchboard • Brackets for easy wall mounting • Possibility to integrate the running of an auxiliary boiler • Separate control for DHW and heating/cooling temperature • Possibility to include auxiliary resistances • DHW sensor • External sensor
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CodeModelPower SupplySound Pressure (1m)Size wxhxdWeightPackage
71W05M000000 Unit Wall 05 UI 230 V30 dB(A)505x300x900 mm41 Kg1 pc
71W07M000000 Unit Wall 07 UI 230 V30 dB(A)505x300x900 mm41 Kg1 pc
71W09M000000 Unit Wall 09 UI 230 V30 dB(A)505x300x900 mm41 Kg1 pc
71W12M000000 PDC Wall 12 UI 230 V31 dB(A)505x300x900 mm41 Kg1 pc
71W15M000000 Unit Wall 15 UI 300 V31 dB(A)505x300x900 mm43 Kg1 pc
71W18T000000 Unit Wall 18T UI 400 V32 dB(A)505x300x900 mm46 Kg1 ud
71W25T000000 Unit Wall 25T UI 400 V32 dB(A)505x300x900 mm49 Kg1 pc
71W05M020000 Web Server 1 pc
71W05M100000 3-Port valve for DHW 1 pc
71W05M001000 Auxiliary resistances 6 kW 1 pc

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