PDC UE Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit can work at outdoor temperature between -20 °C and +45 °C by using a climate control adjustment. This makes it possible to compensate the winter setpoint of the water plant according to the outdoor temperature, which improves energy performance up to +30%. Gas connections between outdoor and indoor units can be up to 50 m long.
All PDC outdoor units are characterized by:
• Single-phase or three-phase power supply
• Perfect modulation of the generated power from 15 Hz to 110 Hz
• DC Inverter Twin-rotary compressor covered in soundproofing material
• Gas pre-load for 30-m connection pipe
• Automatic switch-off function in case of errors
• Advanced algorithm that optimises the defrosting process
The outdoor unit can be combined with one of the following types of indoor units, which stand out for their elegant design and compact size.
• PDC Wall version designed for wall-upright installation
• PDC Floor version designed for floor-standing installation
• PDC Floor X version designed for floor-standing installation
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