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RDZ's radiant climate control goes the way of innovation and quality

At the request of a well-known Korean tyre manufacturer, RDZ has developed an exclusive and refined summer and winter radiant climate control solution for the new R&D centre in Daedeok Innopolis (South Korea).

Situated in the peninsula's scientific district, the building, with its sinuous, ultra-modern lines, houses premises dedicated to the study of new technologies, new products and new production processes.  

To ensure maximum comfort and reduced consumption throughout the entire building, the company proposed a unique, customised version of the b!klimax ceiling radiant system combined with the Cover 30 underfloor heating and cooling system. The solution is completed with an intelligent RDZ Wi electronic control system that allows the climate to be monitored in a simple, timely and effective manner.

Thanks to the efficiency and quality of the RDZ comfort system, the Korean company's premises enjoy widespread well-being with considerable energy savings. In addition, the integration of the systems in the floor and ceiling ensures the full availability of space and the creation of functional, healthy and modern rooms.


System used:
b!klimax+ Quadrotti HP System

Ceiling heating and cooling with metal plates 1150x1150 mm and PE-RT pipe Ø 8 mm. Cover 30 underfloor system and Wi room temperature and humidity control.

Daedeok Innopolis
Daejeon Metropolitan City
South Korea