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A nice climate in the office too.
With RDZ's Radiant Design Zone ceiling system.

For the construction of the new office building of the new pole in Besana in Brianza (Mb) of Riva Logistic srl, a reference company in the transport and logistics sector, the customer and the installer Alberto Paredi, of the thermo-hydraulic company of the same name in Renate Brianza (Mb), availing themselves of the advice of RDZ's technical staff, chose to use RDZ's innovative room air-conditioning system for comfort, efficiency, healthiness and energy saving that guarantees an ideal climate all year round.

For the 320 m2 of surface area on two floors, b!klimax radiant squares were used, suitable for installation in metal ceilings with 600x600 mm ceilings, produced in moulded polystyrene with a thickness of 40 mm and a density of 30 Kg/m³. Characterised by quick and easy installation, they can be removed for inspection and maintenance even when the system is in operation, and thanks to the sound-absorbing micro-perforated surface they improve acoustic comfort inside rooms.

To guarantee maximum performance in summer and winter operation and the comfort of personnel working in the various offices, the radiant system has been integrated with an electronic thermoregulation system that allows for precise and fast control of all the parameters involved in the operation of the system.

The machines installed for air treatment are true AHUs capable of providing the functions of dehumidification, ventilation, air renewal (with heat recovery), and summer sensible power integration.


New office builiding in Besana, Brianza (Mb) with innovative heating and cooling system ensuring top comfort, efficiency, health and energy saving with the ideal climate all year round: ceiling heating and cooling with b!klimax quadrotti 600x600, Evo-SA thermoregulation and air handling units DA + SR 1000.

Besana in Brianza
Monza e Brianza