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New logistics platform, Spain


In Escùzar, in the beautiful and world-famous Spanish city of Granada in Andalusia, RDZ's signature Italian comfort is offered by an industrial radiant network system, aimed at heating only.

We are located in the city's metropolitan industrial park, in a large LIDL platform that will soon be used for warehouses and offices. Winter in Andalusia is typically very cold: the low temperatures are caused by the sea's inability to mitigate the climate, and the city's heart hides behind the large, green mountains that rise up and act as a barrier. Against this backdrop, we intervened to provide the necessary help to stabilize indoor temperatures and create a comfortable environment for both warehouse operators and employees, even in the coldest months.

The underfloor heating system installed over an area of 65,000 m² consists of RDZ Tech Pe-Xa Ø 25 mm pipe connected to mod. Industry manifolds placed inside special outdoor cabinets.

This simple system will ensure that the workers in the plant will have an adequate temperature in the winter months, without generating external clutter and without thermal waste.

The level of comfort in the working environment will certainly be maximized and with it productivity.

Escùzar, Granada