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Underfloor Heating and Cooling in Treviso


RDZ Comfort System in a Refurbished House Boasting Energy Class A+
The Ideal Climate with Eco-friendly Solution and Energy Saving

In Santa Lucia di Piave at the foot of the Prealpi one of the oldest buildings of the town has been renovated and has become a very nice private house. There, the installation company La Termoidraulica di Ballesto Francesco di Susegana (TV) has installed RDZ Comfort System, including Cover 30 and Cover 60 underfloor heating and cooling systems, Wi-Sa thermoregulation devices as well as RNW 404 and RNW 204 dehumidifiers. In this way, the whole system ensures top performance in both summer and winter.

Furthermore, heating and cooling energy is generated by RDZ air to water heat pump, while DHW production takes place thanks to thermal solar panels. In addition, 26 PV colectors on the roof of the house are able to supply 5.1 kW.

Santa Lucia di Piave