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Our company realized an industrial radiant system in a warehouse of about six thousand square meters in Prata di Pordenone, for the Modulnova company.

Specifically, it is an Industrial System with pvc bar consisting of a smooth extruded insulation panel with compressive strength of 500 kPa and Ø20 mm piping housed in special support barsThe underfloor heating system offers great benefits over the traditional air system: energy, economic, safety and comfort benefits. It allows the user to save 50 percent of energy, offering benefits in terms of both energy consumption and environmental impact. All this comes from the fact that it heats at eye level, avoiding unnecessary heat loss to the ceiling and equalizing temperatures. It also requires no maintenance, generates no clutter or noise, and does not cause convective air motions or dust movements, safeguarding the smooth operation and integrity of machinery.

The implementation of the radiant system at Modulnova's warehouse was successful due to the timely coordination between our installation team, the property, the supplier of the reinforcement mesh and the supplier of the screed.In particular, a detailed schedule was established, with no days off to finish the work in less than two weeks thanks to alternating dipose of the radiant, laying of the mesh and casting of the screed on well-defined portions of the shed.The RDZ installation was naturally the first to start the cycle, leaving room for the other phases in the following days. In this way, each company was able to work undisturbed on a specific area of the shed each day, without overlapping, hindrances or downtime.

As for the radiant system, after the frame was laid, the following steps were followed for each portion of the area:

-laying of the panels
-laying of the PE sheet for moisture protection
-fixing the PVC bars on the panel
-laying of the serpentine piping

Companies with RDZ industrial radiant systems, such as Modulnova, present healthier, quieter, more spacious and safer environments, thus increasing overall working comfort and well-being.