UC 360 V1: high efficiency and high comfort all year round


Air handling systems by RDZ: fresh air and dehumidification without energy waste

In the rooms where we spend most of our time, it is important for our health and well-being to breath fresh and oxygen-rich air. For this reason, RDZ proposes a series of machines for the latent load control combined with forced air exchange with heat recovery. Designed specifically for surface heating and cooling, these units are available in various models according to the intended purpose in residential or commercial application. The match between the radiant system and the air handling system ensures correct supply of primary air and thermo-hygrometric control, thus achieving the best temperature and humidity conditions in the room. The fresh air ventilation takes place with heat recovery in order to limit the use of energy. This means high efficiency and top comfort.

The Comfort Unit UC 360 V1 provides fresh air, rich in oxygen, taken in from outside, filtered and dehumidified.
Designed to be used with radiant systems, it combines the functions of room air renewal with high efficiency heat recovery and summer dehumidification. Thanks to its compact design, it is ideal for horizontal installation in false ceilings or in dedicated technical rooms.
UC 360 V1 is the ideal choice to guarantee health and maximum well-being in rooms, without thermal waste.