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5 main benefits of MVHR systems


What are the 5 main benefits of a controlled mechanical ventilation system?
We often hear about indoor comfort. But what exactly is it?
Indoor comfort is that feeling of wellbeing we get when indoor spaces offer optimal and pleasant environmental conditions for the people who are occupying them.
In particular, we feel good in spaces where the temperature and humidity are adequate, where there is good lighting, where there are low noise levels and where the air is clean and oxygen-rich.
Healthy air, therefore, is a fundamental condition for a building to be considered truly comfortable.

How many times have you walked into your home and perceived an unpleasant smell, so much so that you immediately had to open the windows to let the air circulate? How many times have you had a headache after staying indoors for a long time? How many times have you had to resort to chemicals to remove mould from bathrooms or rooms?
An environment that has not an adequate ventilation system is not a comfortable environment.
MVHR systems are designed precisely to ensure proper renewal of indoor air. In fact, they replace exhausted air with new air taken from outside and filtered.

Let us now look at the 5 main benefits of mechanical ventilation systems:
1 Oxygen-rich rooms: mechanical ventilation systems feed pollutant-filtered outside air into buildings, ensuring constantly clean, oxygen-rich indoor air.
2 No more odours: the bad odours we often perceive in closed rooms are caused by volatile molecules in the air. With MVHR systems, these particles are expelled and dirty air is replaced by healthier air.
3 Humidity under control: mechanical ventilation systems can help regulate humidity levels in winter, especially in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Together with the exhaust air, the moisture it contains is also expelled, while the air that is brought in from outside is generally drier. This creates an indoor environment that is less favourable to the proliferation of mould.
4 Stop pollutants: allergens, chemical vapours, dust and other harmful particles released by building materials, furniture, cleaning products and other polluting sources can be present in the indoor air, which MVHR systems expel to the outside.
5 Increased energy efficiency: mechanical ventilation systems recover heat or coolness from the exhaust air and use it to pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming air, improving the building's overall energy efficiency.

Providing a mechanical ventilation system is therefore essential to ensure comfort. In fact, these systems improve indoor air quality, contributing to the health and well-being of occupants and reducing building running costs.