CoRe System


Modularity, simplicity, scalability, connectivity: four strengths underpinning CoRe System, our new control system for heating, cooling and air treatment systems.

CoRe System is configured as a product family consisting of the CoRe MCT 010 central heating management module, the CoRe TH and CoRe Crono TH temperature and humidity probes, the CoRe Air Speed and CoRe Air Control interfaces, and the CoRe Connect connectivity module.

CoRe System is a system adaptable to any radiant heating and cooling system combined with air treatment systems. It allows efficient management from small domestic systems to more complex solutions, controlling up to 64 zones with temperature and humidity sensors, 6 mixing valves, 6 air treatment units or 6 dehumidifiers. Our RDZ CoRe App allows you to manage your system with a simple touch from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The room controls manage the temperature by acting on the radiant system actuators; the request for dehumidification or thermal integration is sent via bus to the machines. The central heating module receives requests to activate the circulators and generator and controls the mixing valve so that the system water temperature is always consistent with the calculated temperature.


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