Reflair, a new VMC for healthy air in all domestic environments


Clean, filtered air, healthy environments, energy savings and constant comfort throughout the year: these are at least four - but in reality many more - advantages of Reflair, our new controlled mechanical ventilation unit with high-efficiency heat recovery, designed to ensure clean, filtered air inside homes and small rooms in the tertiary sector.

Renewing the air regularly is essential, but opening doors and windows causes several disadvantages: it compromises comfort, generates energy waste, and encourages the entry of smog, pollen, insects and noise. Mechanical ventilation systems, on the other hand, extract stale air by recovering its heat, which is transferred to new air taken from outside. Thanks to the filtration system integrated in the units, it is possible to guarantee the maximum healthiness of the spaces as the incoming air is purified of external pollutants.

Reflair is compact, lightweight and suitable for any residential or small tertiary application. It can be positioned either vertically or horizontally and features swivelling air connections for maximum design and installation flexibility. The swivelling fans, which rotate together with the connections, ensure constant performance and consumption whatever the configuration of the unit. Available in two sizes depending on the volume of air to be treated (max. 150 and 250 m3/h), it is equipped with a high-efficiency (~90%) polystyrene heat recovery unit, a constant flow EC motor and ISO Coarse 65% filters that are easy to remove and simple to replace to ensure optimum indoor air quality at all times.

Reflair can be operated via the Air Speed or Air Control panels or integrated into the CoRe control system.