Radiant systems

High-efficiency radiant heating and cooling systems for floor, ceiling and wall with their large heat-exchange surface regulate the thermal energy in every room, bringing heat or cold according to the season.

> Underfloor heating and cooling
> Ceiling heating and cooling
> Wall heating and cooling

Air handling

Comfort also means air quality, filtered and dehumidified. RDZ offers a complete range of units, which can be successfully used in combination with radiant systems for air renewal and for efficient control over summer hygrometric conditions.


> Residential Application without Air Renewal

> Residential Application with Air Renewal

> Commercial Application with Air Renewal

> Air Distribution Systems


RDZ electronic thermoregulation devices make it possible to control the room climate in floor, ceiling, wall radiant heating and cooling installations in a very easy way in order to ensure high performance and top efficiency for the whole system.


> Kit for underfloor heating and cooling

> Mtr for underfloor heating and cooling

> Mrc regulation and metering units

> Wi controllers for radiant systems

> Trio Comfort for radiant systems

Heat pumps

RDZ high-efficiency air to water heat pumps are used for winter heating and summer cooling as well as hot domestic water production as ecofriendly and energy-saving solutions. They can be installed in houses or in small commercial applications, in both new or renovated buildings to improve the building value.


> Monoblock unit UMHPI

> Split unit USHPI

> Unica 300