Air Trap

The air separator is made of brass, and it is used to collect the air that accumulates in the hydraulic circuit so that it can be eliminated. It is a necessary component in b!klimax and b!klimax+ systems, but it is recommended also in the other systems. FF (female - female) pipe connections.
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CodeFlow RateFlow Rate RangeØPackageOutlets
6440020 1.9 m³/h60 m²3/4" mm1,00000 pzHorizontal
6440021 1.9 m³/h60 m²3/4" mm1,00000 pzUpright
6440025 2.6 m³/h85 m²1" mm1,00000 pzHorizontal
6440026 2.6 m³/h85 m²1" mm1,00000 pzUpright
6440032 5.3 m³/h175 m²1 1/4" mm1,00000 pzHorizontal
6440040 6.3 m³/h210 m²1 1/2" mm1,00000 pzHorizontal
6440050 9.0 m³/h300 m²2" mm1,00000 pzHorizontal

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