Reliable, efficient and versatile mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery for the tertiary sector. The unit is available in three configurations that include as standard: counter-current heat recovery unit with efficiency greater than 90% made of aluminium, EC centrifugal fans, filter pressure switch (only with Smart EB electronics), F7 filters (ISO ePM1 70%) on the supply air and M5 filters (ISO ePM10 50%) on the return air, bypass for free-cooling. Depending on the chosen equipment, the following may be present: Easy or Smart control panel, canopy with IP55 panel, air quality probe (QA) and ModBus.

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File type Description Language File
Technical specifications HR 90 8000
CodeNomeInstallazioneControlloSondaMisure lxhxp Conf.
701HR80V13E1000 HR 90 8000 V1 3E IP Verticale a pavimento - Esterno 3E - - 2448x1681x1998 mm1 pz
701HR80V1EB1002 HR 90 8000 V1 EB IP Verticale a pavimento - Esterno EB - - 2448x1681x1998 mm1 pz
Su richiesta HR 90 8000 V1 EB IP CO2 Verticale a pavimento - Esterno EB QA 2448x1681x1998 mm1 pz