b!klimax 8+ Radiant Panel 1200x2400 with Plasterboard

b!klimax 8+ radiant panels are made up of 12.5-mm thick plasterboard of 2.88 m². The plasterboard shows a drawing of 2 hydraulic circuits, made of PE-RT pipe Ø 8 mm, provided with push-fit fittings and oxygen barrier according to DIN 4726. Pipes are fixed to the panel through an aluminium metal diffuser, while thermal insulation is available either as polystyrene layer or as rockwool layer. Size 1200x2400x52 mm.
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6142115 Polystyrene 1200x2400x52 mm29.5 Kg1 pc
6142210 Rockwool 1200x2400x52 mm47.9 Kg1 pc
6143101 Polystyrene waterproof 1200x2400x52 mm30.2 Kg1 pc

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