Comfort All Year Round
RDZ radiant systems: the good season in all seasons

RDZ solutions meet any planning and installation requirements in residential applications thanks to a wide range of products specifically designed for every kind of flats and houses.
In this section you can find our proposals for surface heating and cooling in single-family homes as well as in multi-family homes, both for new constructions and for modernising old buildings.

Energy Saving
The eco-friendly footprint of surface heating and cooling

In offices, shops, hospitals, schools and other commercial buildings, RDZ boasts a broad variety of integrated solutions to satisfy any planning and installation requirements.

Top Professionalism and Great Expertise

RDZ ensures comfort and energy saving also in industrial buildings thanks to a wide range of specific products. In this section you can find underfloor heating solutions for buildings with very tall rooms.

Technology and Innovation
A highly specialised centre for cutting-edge radiant solutions

RDZ successful history is based on solid know-how and on more and more performing products, which are able to meet the most various needs in planning and installation. We develop newer and newer solutions for indoor comfort, using the finest materials and constantly providing excellent service to all customers in terms of professional consulting for designing, installation assistance, as well as pre- and after-sales support.