WHRI 150

Recessed vertical wall‐mounted mechanical ventilation unit consisting of a galvanized steel plate embedded box with holes for electrical and air connections, fan unit, and front panel in galvanized steel plate painted RAL 9010. The fan unit is made up of a pre‐painted steel plate frame and internal thermo‐acoustic insulation in rock wool. WHRI 150 is equipped with high efficiency polypropylene heat exchanger (~90%), constant flow rate EC motors, F7 filters (ISO ePM1 70%) on the supply and exhaust lines, by‐pass for free‐cooling and NTC sensors. Antifreeze function and dirty filter detection included. The unit can be managed using a dedicated control panel with simple display (WHRI 150 3E ventilation unit), or a white LCD (WHRI 150 EB ventilation unit).

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File type Description Language File
7045525 172 m³/h125 mm100 W520x1000x207 mm mm37 Kg3E 1 pc
7045526 172 m³/h125 mm100 W520x1000x207 mm37 KgEB 1 pc

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