PL Panel

PL panel is made of expanded polyurethane, produced in conformity with UNI EN 13165, with rigid expanded polyiso foam (PIR), ensuring high mechanical resistance. The panel is combined with a gas-resistant multi-layer aluminium film on both sides. Thermal conductivity 0.023 W/(m·K). Spacing of 10 cm. Size: 1200x600x20/30/40/50 mm. Product availability A = Always B = in 7 working days
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1030120 1200x600 mm20 mm0.023 W/(m·K)21,60000 m²in 7 days
1030130 1200x600 mm30 mm0.023 W/(m·K)14,40000 m²in 7 days
1030140 1200x600 mm40 mm0.023 W/(m·K)11,52000 m²in 7 days
1030150 1200x600 mm50 mm0.023 W/(m·K)10,08000 m²in 7 days