New Plus panel

New Plus panel with studs made of waterproof moulded expanded polystyrene, produced in conformity with UNI EN 13163, with closed-cell structure, which has high mechanical resistance. It is combined with a plastic film, thickness 0.15 mm, in order to protect it from humidity and to improve its resistance to the deformation of the walking surface. Thermal conductivity 0.033 W/(m・K). These panels have a tongue along the perimeter to connect them for proper combination. They have a moulded surface with studs of 20.5 mm so that the crosslinked polyethylene pipes Ø 17 mm can be fitted into the tabs of the panel at spacing of 8.3 cm. Size: 1000x500x12.5 mm. Product availability A = Always B = in 7 working days
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Technical specifications New Plus Panel
Technical specifications New Plus Panel
Technical specifications New Plus Panel
1043011 1000x500 mm12.5 mm0.033 W/(m·K)10,00000 m²in stock

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