Flexible pipe with push-fit fittings

Flexible hose equipped with push-fit fittings for Twin Copper system, made up of stainless steel mesh cover and provided with oxygen barrier, PN10, suitable for Ø 12-mm connection. The hose is available in different length, and it is used to connect either the radiant panels in series, or it is used between panels and the main distribution pipe with Ø ½” F fitting. Package: 1 item.
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6145150 500 mm12-12 mm1,00000 pz
6145155 1200 mm12-12 mm1,00000 pz
6145160 1700 mm12-12 mm1,00000 pz
6145170 1500 mm12-1/2" F mm1,00000 pz
6145175 1,00000 pz