Acoustic Plus Panel

Acoustic Plus panel with studs made of stretch, expanded, sintered polystyrene with double density, ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation. Acoustic Plus panel is combined with a special plastic film, thickness 0.15 mm, which protects it from humidity and improves its resistance to the deformation of the walking surface. Thermal conductivity 0.037 W(m・K), trample noise reduction of ÄLw 29 dB for 20-mm version (according to UNI EN 12354-2) and ÄLw 26 dB for 30-mm version (according to UNI EN 140-8), dynamic rigidity SD ≤15 MN/m3 (20-mm thickness) and SD ≤20 MN/m3 (30-mm thickness). These panels have a tongue along the perimeter to connect them for proper combination, and they have a moulded surface with studs of 28 mm, so that the crosslinked polyethylene pipes Ø 17 mm can be fitted into the tabs of the panel with spacing of 8.3 cm or multiples. Size: 1161x663x20/30 mm.

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1054040 1161x663 mm20 mm0.037 W/(m·K)12,30000 m²in 7 days
1054050 1161x663 mm30 mm0.037 W/(m·K)10,00000 m²in 7 days

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