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Renovation of a Primary School


Radiant ceiling system to provide students with a cosy and safe environment

A major redevelopment project is affecting the G. Pascoli primary school in Udine, one of the largest schools in the city, from June 2021.
The renovation works were started with the aim of reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of life inside this school building dating back to 1959. To this end, anti-seismic adaptation, work to comply with current regulations and energy efficiency measures were undertaken.

Among the other improvements made to the building and to the spaces where the pupils spend most of their day is that of the heating systems. In order to guarantee an environment with the ideal climate, clean, quiet and free of clutter, it was decided to install a b!klimax+ ceiling radiant system with 600x600 mm plasterboard squares.
This system, designed to be mounted on a metal ceiling structure with inverted T-profiles, can be inspected even when the system is in operation, simply by removing a few Quadrotti.Furthermore, it has been realised without the need for invasive interventions, taking advantage of the original high ceiling height. In fact, the intervention required neither interrupting school activities nor moving pupils to other facilities. It was simply divided into three phases, each relating to different portions of the building.

The system is currently only functioning for winter heating, but has been prepared to handle summer cooling as well.

The comfort, optimisation of consumption and possible regulation of summer humidity are entrusted to an intelligent control system, complete with temperature and humidity probes installed in each classroom.

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