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b!klimax by RDZ: 5-star international comfort

For the construction of a prestigious residence in Gapyong Gyeonggi-do (South Korea), RDZ's innovative b!klimax ceiling air-conditioning system was used, which guarantees an ideal climate and a high level of well-being all year round. In the project in question, with a surface area of 2,800 m², more than 7000 special b!klimax 600x600 mm radiant squares were used, mounted on their own concealed clip-in type structure and consisting of a post-painted steel metal ceiling with a bevelled corner perimeter and a smooth, unperforated RAL 9001 surface. Fixed to the ceiling is an aluminium metal diffuser for the hydraulic circuit made from 6 mm diameter PB piping with an oxygen diffusion barrier according to DIN 4726. A suitably shaped, 30 mm thick, 30 kg/m³ density, low-density glass wool insulation panel, fire reaction class A1, completes the system and ensures adequate thermal insulation.

Optimised to operate in both winter and summer, the b!klimax system guarantees maximum performance when integrated with a system of air treatment and exchange machines and a thermoregulation system capable of managing and controlling the system's parameters.

For air treatment, 18 Comfort Units UC 1001 were installed in the false ceiling, true AHUs consisting of the DA 1001 dehumidifier combined with an SR 1001 heat recovery unit. To ensure maximum performance and optimisation of consumption, an electronic regulation system was instead used, consisting of expandable multi-zone Wi control units.


System used
b!klimax+ active quadrotto with rockwool insulation

Ceiling heating and cooling with b!klimax+ Quadrotti 600x600, Wi controllers and UC 1000 air handling units for a luxury golf residence in South Korea.

Gapyong, Gyeonggi
South Korea