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RDZ pays special attention to professional training

We always focus special attention to the professional training of customers and partners from the construction industry.
Training not only means letting people explore RDZ products in depth, but it is also an action to promote the culture of the radiant technology, improve the awareness of its benefits, keep the audience abreast of the latest regulations and guidelines, exchange opinions and share experiences in an open and familiar climate full of confidence in the future.

RDZ Academy

With this spirit, RDZ Academy was born at the end of 2020. It is a project signed by our company, to share and develop knowledge, know-how, techniques, in a new and concrete experience of professional growth.

An initiative dedicated, once again, not only to our partners and collaborators but also to the company's employees with the aim of expressing the culture and knowledge that has made us a leader in the sector for over forty years.

The Academy's mission is to guarantee the preparation of people and the transmission of valuable skills necessary to design and build comfortable and performing radiant and air treatment systems. An objective that is pursued by meeting the needs of the interlocutors through the experimentation of new training techniques, in line with the changing needs and habits of everyone.

This is why, alongside traditional face-to-face and digital training rooms, we are designing new forms of asynchronous learning.

We are also fully available to organise custom training courses to meet specific needs and curiosities, for which we invite you to write to us at academy@rdz.it.

We are waiting for you!