UC 300 V2 air handling unit


How does an air treatment and distribution system with a 5-pipe machine work?

Find out in the video made by RDZ Academy.

In this example of a domestic system, the UC 300 V2 unit was chosen for room air renewal and summer dehumidification.

EPE ducting connects the unit with the outside environment to allow clean air in and stale air out.

There are two room plenums:
- return plenum in standard version: collects exhaust air from dirty rooms, sending it to the machine for heat recovery and expulsion
- supply plenum in a silenced version: it shunts the new air taken from outside and filtered, to which the machine has transferred the heat of the outgoing air, into the ducts leading to the noble rooms

The ducting network that runs from the plenums to the rooms is made of Duo White piping and ends, in the room, with PLA vents.

A specific ducting for recirculation, in summer, allows the intake of humid indoor air, its dehumidification in the machine and its subsequent reintroduction into the room, through the same ducts and vents that transport new air.