Thank you for visiting our stand at ISH 2023


Thanks to your registration at our desk, we have contributed to the purchase of equipment for the Allergology and Asthma Treatment department of Burlo Garofolo Children's Hospital in Trieste (Italy).

Creating pleasant environments in all seasons while preserving the health of buildings and people is the goal of the air handling and distribution systems we presented at ISH 2023.
We have always put health and better quality of indoor life for future generations above all else. That’s why we have chosen to donate 5 Euros to the Paediatric Allergology and Asthma Treatment Department of the Burlo Garofolo Hospital in Trieste for each visitor registered at the stand.

Our company pursues well-being and air purification, also thought innovative solutions like MVHR systems, thus it seemed natural for us to support a structure focused on children's respiratory health.

All these motivations encouraged us to invest in a solidarity initiative rather than in traditional advertising gadgets, and it is with pleasure that we share with you  the attached letter of thanks.