New Plus Underfloor Heating and Cooling in the 6th Highest Skyscraper of the World


RDZ has installed underfloor heating and cooling system in the tallest building of South Korea, which also reaches position 6 in the list of the World’s Tallest Buildings. The Tower with its 555 meters and magnificent glass façade, located in Seoul, has got 123 floors and will soon include luxury flats, shops and even a seven-star hotel. On the ground floor guests will be welcomed in the wide and modern hall by the comfortable climate of RDZ New Plus underfloor heating and cooling system, which has been installed on a surface of 2,000 m². Top performance in both winter and summer is ensured by Wi-Sa 0210-0 controller equipped with 10 Wi-IHP room temperature/humidity sensors and IU-Pro user’s interface. The ideal climate sets a new record.