Case Study

Innovation for Efficiency, Safety and Excellent Indoor Comfort


RDZ, the Italian leading company in the field of radiant heating and cooling, with the certification ISO 9001:2008, have been working for 40 years to improve the room comfort with specific solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We design and supply radiant systems for floors, ceilings and walls, thermoregulation devices, heat pumps and air handling units for radiant installations. We use the highest-quality materials and we research and develop innovative solutions, while offering efficient service, complete training, technical consultancy, installation assistance and post-sales support. In the LowUp project funded by the European Commission about Europe’s GHG reduction targets and high energy efficiency, RDZ’s role consists in the design and development of upgraded heating terminals in nonresidential buildings. Underfloor heating is synonymous with comfort: the uniform distribution of temperature within a living or working environment generates a pleasant sensation of physical wellbeing and ensures significant energy-saving, total furnishing freedom, and clean and healthy rooms. The goal of RDZ underfloor heating system in the LowUp project is to shift this technology to the “upper level”, creating a solution that can be combined not only with alternative energies, but even with the residual thermal energy coming from waste resources. In this context RDZ has designed a high-efficiency floor radiant system which employs water at a very low temperature (about 30°C) while providing heating output of about 60 W/m² by radiation. This compact solution has been conceived starting from existing products and improving thickness, mechanic resistance and acoustic features. In particular, this solution is a dry underfloor heating version with very low thermal inertia, which is suitable for modern future buildings with very high thermal insulation, where the internal load and the solar load rapidly affect the room conditions. For this reason, traditional (concretebased) floor radiant systems cannot be considered in this kind of application, since they react to the room climate in a long time. In RDZ system for the LowUp project uniform temperature distribution is achieved through special aluminium diffusers, in both straight and elbow versions, hosting and enveloping PE-RT pipe Ø 14 mm. Instead of concrete, the load distribution layer is made up of aluminium plates with high thermal conductivity and light weight. This therefore means fast heating up time and best responsiveness. In addition, a special configuration for the pipe loops has been defined according to pipe size and downward insulation, while specific cutting-edge clips and studs have been designed in order to make production and installation extremely quick and easy. Furthermore, the insulation layer is available in a wide range of versions (thickness 25-35-45-55-65 mm), thus offering a versatile solution for very different applications, both residential and commercial ones, from nearly zero-energy buildings to retrofit projects.