The ideal climate for growing and learning


Radiant system and air treatment system for child-friendly environments

Reasons for choosing floor or ceiling heating

Underfloor, ceiling and wall heating systems spread a comfortable and healthy climate in every room.

The heat radiated by the surfaces is evenly distributed and generates a pleasant feeling of physical well-being.

Heat diffusion occurs predominantly by radiation; this keeps the water in the system at a lower temperature than in traditional heating systems, resulting in considerable energy and cost savings.

Moreover, radiant systems are not visible because they are integrated into the building structure; they thus leave maximum freedom to customise the interior and do not require specific cleaning to the benefit of healthiness and hygiene.

Unparalleled comfort when the radiant system is combined with mechanical ventilation

The climatic comfort offered by radiant systems is excellent, but when these are combined with an appropriate mechanical ventilation system, wellbeing reaches truly high levels.

The mechanical ventilation system is the buildings respiratory system: it extracts stale air rich in carbon dioxide and at the same time introduces into the room air taken from outside, cleaned of any pollutants and rich in oxygen.
Before entering the room, the air passes through a heat exchanger that pre-heats it thanks to the heat previously deposited by the outgoing air.
In this way, new air is introduced at a temperature very close to the indoor temperature without compromising comfort and wasting energy.

Radiant system and VMC: a perfect match even for schools

Radiant systems make every environment child-friendly: spaces are large, safe and clutter-free; the climate is cosy, comfortable and healthy, ideal for play and learning.
Whether it is a nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary or high school, the floor or ceiling system generates maximum comfort ensuring great energy savings, large spaces and safe environments.

By combining the radiant system with a controlled mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, comfort is maximised and further energy savings are achieved.

The forced air exchange system constantly ensures the entry of clean, oxygen-rich air without having to open windows and cleans classrooms of pollutants, viruses and bacteria.

Environments are thus healthy and comfortable, occupants can enjoy the best climatic conditions for learning and growing healthily, and energy consumption is reduced to the benefit of cost containment.

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