Heat Pumps and Surface Heating/Cooling: High Comfort, Low Consumption


If you are modernizing your house or if you are wondering which is the best heat generator to ensure comfort and saving in both summer and winter, the air to water heat pump is the answer.

How does the heat pump work?

The air to water heat pump extracts the energy in the air and transfers it to the water of the heating/cooling system or to the DHW system in the house.

In particular, in winter, the evaporating coil in the unit catches the outdoor air, absorbs its heat and transfers it to the liquid inside. While the temperature increases, the liquid reaches the boiling point and changes into a gaseous state. Thanks to the operation of the compressor , the temperature further increases thus reaching the necessary level to use its heat. Once the gas enters the condenser, its energy is transferred to the water and it turns back to the liquid state. The fluid flows through the expansion valve, which reduces the pressure and the temperature to restore the starting condition. Therefore, the refrigerant is ready to absorb new heat and the cycle starts again.

In summer, the procedure is reversed and the operating principle is very similar to the one occurring in our fridge at home. The refrigerating liquid absorbs the heat from the water and discharges it to the outdoor air.

The combination with surface heating and cooling

If the heat pump is combined with radiant systems, this union brings lots of benefits.

In winter, underfloor / wall / ceiling heating systems use water at a lower temperature than in traditional heating devices (30-35°C vs 50°C). This means higher efficiency for the heat pump and lower running costs. In summer, surface cooling uses warmer water than other air conditioning systems  (15-17°C vs 7-8°). This means optimal functioning for the heat pump and reduction of the energy consumption.

In both seasons the combination of heat pump and radiant system makes it possible to reach a very high level of comfort without air currents nor dust movements by using renewable energy and by involving one heat generator all year round.

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