Case Study

#Casabuhnici: Comfort Made-In-Italy


Today we would like to share with you an interesting project with RDZ heating and cooling solution installed in Bucarest.

The system is lively described by Mr. George Buhnici, a brilliant journalist and well-known blogger from Romania, who is building a very special house, where the traditional Romanian style blends into a modern, comfortable and sustainable dwelling.

The project includes SMOOTH COVER HP underfloor system and b!klimax wall system. The former covers an area of 170 square meters and consists in smooth panels, made of expanded polystyrene with graphite, ensuring high mechanical resistance and excellent thermal insulation. The latter is installed on 80 square meters, and it is made up of light and handy panels, which are easy to install and guarantee greatest finishing freedom as well as high performance without thermal bridges. The Wi-SA Controller manages all the parameters involved in the functioning of the radiant installations both in winter and in summer. Room temperature and humidity is detected by 9 Wi-TT sensors, while 2 units control the mixing of the water in the underfloor and wall systems. The user can monitor the room climate by means of a flexible and easy touch-screen control panel which sends information through Ethernet port.

A live tour of the project is also available on YouTube #casabuhnici.