Air handling

Dehumidifier RNW 214 I/E

RNW 214 dehumidifier by RDZ is used to control the level of relative indoor humidity, and it can provide sensible cooling in floor/ceiling/wall systems with radiant panels. It consists of a complete refrigeration unit (R134a refrigerant), condensed by water and equipped with pre-treatment coils and a gas to water heat exchanger, which are fed with the cold water coming from the radiant panels through one plumbing connection.
The unit is available in two different versions:
– RNW 214 I dehumidifier shall be embedded in its proper frame inside the wall. The frame is provided with holes for plumbing and wiring connections. The front cover is made of matt white lacquer MDF. The air goes through a grille, made of anodised aluminium.
– RNW 214 E dehumidifier shall be mounted on the wall. The frame is made of matt white lacquer MDF.