Underfloor heating/cooling

In underfloor radiant systems heat and cold are spread in rooms by radiation. This implies uniform distribution of temperatures which produces a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and ensures energy saving, furnishing freedom and healthy living and working environment.


b!klimax ceiling

b!klimax is a heating and cooling system for ceilings and walls, which represents the ideal solution in rooms where it is important to maintain comfortable conditions all year round. Thanks to its very low thermal inertia and high efficiency, b!klimax is the ideal system for houses, renovated buildings and commercial applications. Completely concealed in the false ceiling, b!klimax makes it possible to use all the available space, thus improving the appearance of the room.


Wall b!klimax

Radiant wall systems represent a special application of the ceiling version: they use the same heat exchange principles and they are characterized by the same features of low thermal inertia and heating/cooling running. They can be installed in any kinds of residential and commercial buildings, both new or renovated ones, provided that the walls are free to use.