LC-SA Design controllers

Electronic controller to regulate autonomous heating and cooling system with radiant panels.
LC-SA control unit is a brilliant innovation, which is suitable for very different kinds of applications with a broad variety of configuration options. It can regulate the room climate in a large number of individual zones, and it can control all the components of radiant heating/cooling. It allows a perfect indoor climate and energy efficiency.
In its top configuration WI-SA controller can regulate:
- 2 mixing valves (with analugue actuator)
- 16 temperature/humidity sensors
- 16 dehumidifiers operating in dehumidification mode
- 2 air handling units operating in dehumidification + room air recirculation or free-cooling + fresh air ventilation + summer and winter integration.
The controller can be combined with different types of sensors to detect room temperature and humidity.
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User Manual WI-SA Design / LC-SA
User Manual WI-SA Design / LC-SA
User Manual WI-SA Design / LC-SA
Technical Manual LC-SA - User's Menu
Technical Manual LC-SA - Technical Menu