Items for b!klimax systems

b!klimax system includes:
- Maxi manifolds with anti-condensation shells, which can be installed with upward outlets or downward outlets. The filter can be inspected to prevent the impurities in water from clogging the water flow in the small pipes. The manifold can be provided with electrothermal heads on each circuit;
- plastic distributors, which are specially shaped to guarantee easy connection with the pipes and they are equipped with anticondensation shells and push-fit pipe fittings;
- PB piping with diameter 20x2 mm, provided with oxygen barrier according to DIN 4276 EN 12319-2. The pipe insulation is made of expanded polyethylene, thickness 6 mm. Reaction to fire class: BL-s1,d0.
In b!klimax, b!klimax+ and Quadrotto systems, distributors and active panels are connected by means of PB pre-insulated piping with diameter 6x1 mm, while Copper 8 and Quadrotto HP systems use PE-RT piping Ø 8 mm.
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