Unit Comfort UC 500-MVHE

Vertical unit for fresh air ventilation with high efficiency heat recovery (~90%) and for summer dehumidification with setting of the outdoor air flow rate and possible operation with total or partial recirculation. The flow rate for the fresh air ventilation can be selected via the user panel, and it is controlled and kept constant automatically by the unit. The machine, designed for a floor-standing installation, is built in a single block that performs the air ventilation with heat recovery and thermodynamic handling of the inflow air: this means summer dehumidification and control of winter and summer temperatures. The functions of the unit UC 500-MVHE, which can be controlled through the user panel, are: fresh air ventilation, free-cooling (at controlled water temperature), free-heating, booster, dehumidification, integration of summer and winter sensible capacity. R410A refrigerant. UC 500-MVHE is equipped with G3 filters, condensate drain kit and 5 motorised dampers, already installed and wired, which guarantee the automatic regulation of air flow rate. The air supply section also acts as a silencer. Heat discharge in the stale air exhaust duct in order to reduce energy consumption both in dehumidification and integration modes. Temperature for the inflow air in winter running or in fresh air ventilation mode is controlled on the hydronic coil through a motorized valve with modulating actuator, supplied as standard inside the unit. UC 500-MVHE can be managed either through a remote control panel Type 1, installed on the machine or on a DIN rail, or via WI controller.
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File type Description Language File
Technical Manual UC 500-MVHE
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CodeDehum. capacity (26 °C UR 65%)Dehum. capacity (35 °C UR 50%)Water Flow Rate (15 °C)Summer IntegrationAir duct connectionsMaximum electrical powerSize wxhxdWeightPackage
7041451 61.9 l/24h95.1 l/24h500 l/h1925 W200 mm800 W900x1465x570 mm140 Kg1 pc

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