UNICA Heat Pump

High-efficiency heat pump for domestic hot water generation. It consists of a steel tank with double layer vitrification, anti-corrosion system to assure the durability of the tank, polyurethane foam thermal insulation, highly efficiency compressor with R134a refrigerant, electronic expansion valve, electrical heater managed by integrated controller to ensure constant hot water even in case of extreme cold winters. The special design of air inlet and outlet makes the unit suitable for different ways of installation. The unit can be connected with the outdoor air or it can work with the room air, thus increasing its efficiency. It is also equipped with touch control panel to set time slots, alarm check and disinfection cycles. On-board electronics can also manage thermal solar system integration, while 0-10V input is suitable for connection with PV cells. This function enables the automatic increase of the set-point in the tank when very high energy is being produced by the PV cells. On/off remote control is also available. UNICA heat pumps range from 200 to 300 litres.
UNICA is available in 3 versions:
1. the standard version considers the heat pump and the electric heater as heating sources
2. the version with one ausiliary coil is used in combination with solar collectors
3. the version with two ausiliary coils is used in combination with solar collectors and boiler
Technical features:
• Residential application
• 200-L or 300-L tank
• Thermal capacity 2020 W + integration through electric heater up to 1200 W
• Power input 486 W + electric heater of 1200 W
• Protection class: IPX 1
• Noise level: 46 dB
You shall install a cooling/emptying system in case of superheating from the solar collector. It is also necessary to include a safety relief valves for the domestic hot water.
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Technical specifications UNICA UE Regulation
IT -
Technical Manual UNICA 200 - 300
Technical Manual UNICA 200 - 300
Energy Label UNICA 300 - Standard
Energy Label UNICA 300 - S1
Energy Label UNICA 300 - S2
Energy Label UNICA 200 - Standard
Energy Label UNICA 200 - S1
Energy Label UNICA 300 - S2
CodePackageModelCapacityØHeightS1 Coil SurfaceS2 Coil SurfaceWeight
7026130 1,00000 pzStandard 300 l654 mm1888 mm- m²- m²106.5 Kg
7026135 1,00000 pzS1 300 l654 mm1888 mm1.2 m²- m²121.5 Kg
7026140 1,00000 pzS2 300 l654 mm1888 mm1.2 m²0.5 m²129.5 Kg
7026230 1,00000 pzStandard 200 l654 mm1638 mm- m²- m²98 Kg
7026235 1,00000 pzS1 300 l654 mm1638 mm1.2 m²- m²113 Kg
7026240 1,00000 pzS2 300 l654 mm1638 mm1.2 m²0.8 m²121 Kg

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