Super D17 Panel

Grooved insulation panel made of sintered expanded polystyrene with graphite complying with UNI EN 13163. High compressive strength (500 kPa) and tongue and groove edges for excellent combination. Thermal conductivity 0.030 W/(m·K). Thermal resistance 0.65 (m³·K)/W. These panels have a tongue along the perimeter to connect them for proper combination. They have a moulded surface with reliefs of 19 mm so that the 17-mm pipe can be fitted into the tabs of the panel. Pipe spacing: 5cm. Size: 1400x800x15 mm.
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Technical specifications Super D17
1500215 1400x800 mm15 mm0.030 W/(m·K)11.20 m²in 7 days
1500234 1400x800 mm34 mm0.030 W/(m·K)6.72 m²in 7 days

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