PDC Floor UI Indoor Unit

The PDC Floor UI indoor units are used for heating and cooling as well as for domestic hot water generation. They represent an elegant and compact solution: base is only 60x60 cm, while hydraulic and refrigerant connections are on the top of the unit to minimize overall dimensions on the two sides. All components are accessible from the front side of the module, thus making for fast and easy installation and maintenance.
All PDC Floor UI indoor units include:
• Brazed plates heat exchanger
• DC Inverter (class A) circulation pump on primary circuit
• 200-L inertial storage tank with instantaneous heat exchanger (stainless steel AISI 316L, 5.5 m² for domestic water)
• Possibility to store DWH at a temperature higher than 56 °C thanks to auxiliary resistances
• Expansion vessel for heating system and DHW tank (24 litres)
• Safety valve
• DHW diverter valve
• Shut-off cocks and system filling
• Water filter with shut-off cocks
• Possibility to integrate the running of an auxiliary boiler
• Automatic air venting to release trapped air
• Possible connection to solar collectors
• Control panel with a main switch in a watertight IP44 box
N.B. If the system does not include an additional circulation pump, PDC Floor UI 12/12T/15/15T shall be equipped with an hydraulic separator between primary and secondary circuits, thus ensuring constant and reliable operation.
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